Add a 22 inch TV in Tow vehicle

Our tow vehicle did not come with an entertainment system, and our little dvd players are not big enough for our three kids to watch something together in the back, comfortably, that is. So I started thinking about a way I could mount the biggest tv that would fit in between the two front seats. I ended up settling on a Samsung 22 inch led LCD TV that I bought from Costo for a very reasonable price. The tv I was looking for needed to be as light as possible, draw as little power as possible, and have all the connections I needed to have to be able to either watch movies from an external hard disk, play Wii games, connect my GPS so that the kids can follow up on where we are if they wish so.
While you may be able to find a way to attach such a tv to head rests, I eluded to design a rack of my own, from square aluminum parts from a local store. Holes punched at the right location on both sides simply allow the headrest to be inserted in the aluminum support and the headrests to be put back in their original location. I also kept the stand of the tv, to be used for two things. One, as a small shelve on which kids can put the tv and the wii remotes. Two, as a support underneath which Velcro allows for the Wii console to be held in place, facilitating access for the kids. 
The kids trying out the new setup playing Mario Kart
I will take pictures of the way another extruded piece of aluminum was affixed to the back of the TV, which allows for easy removal of the TV if need be.
All in all, I am very happy with the results, and so are the kids. My next project will be to add a mirror with a build in screen which could mirror the display on the TV, allowing us to help the kids with any problems using the tv, or to allow the front passenger to watch along with the kids, which can be handy when they are watching a movie. Will post pictures of that as well.
Keep on modding!

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